What Is Copyright?

If you’re a writer or an artist there’s a good chance that you already know what a copyright is, how to get it and how much protection it can offer your body of work. These days there are a lot wider range of people that are interested in copyrights and the protection these laws can offer them, their work and their business. Here are a few basic facts you may want to know about a copyright before you start the process of registering one for your own work.

Specifics Of Copyrights:

A copyright is an intellectual property law that protects the creative works of people among other things. It can protect photography, movies, songs, lyrics, poems and words. Because of the ever growing popularity of the net this is becoming an area of growing interest as more and more people scramble to protect their work and to learn what their rights are.

What Can It Protect:

There are many different original works that a copyright can protect. For instance any written work, photography, artwork or musical work can be protected by copyright. These are just the basic of what can be protected by the law but suffice it to say that most original, creative works can be protected by copyright and if that doesn’t cover it you can look into patents or trademarks.

What Is The Difficulty Of A Copyright:

In reality a copyright is deceptively simple. All a person has to really do is put the date and the copyright symbol at the end of their original work and it is copyrighted. If they are looking for something a little more official there is a school of thought that placing the item through the mail when possible, is the fastest way to verifying and creating the copyright.

If you have created your copyright through the above method but still want a little more to it you are best to go ahead and register the copyright. It isn’t very expensive and adds more believability to the copyright of the material you wish to protect.

What Does A Copyright Protect From?

The copyright is truly about the only protection out there to keep others from taking parts or even your entire piece of work and using it for their own entertainment value. They may be able to take your song that you wrote from a personal place and make a dark comedy out of it.

When you have taken the proper steps to protect your hard work with a proper copyright you will be able to persecute those that maybe taking parts of your work for their own use. It may be a tedious process but it would be far worse to let a creative piece of work that may have taken you years of inspiration to create get mangled but others who are stealing it without appreciation.

Of course this is to say that even with a copyright you will still need to take an active role in protecting your body of work.