The Basic Facts About Copyrights

Perhaps you’ve been working hard on some different aspects of your business and now you’re ready to pursue some different copyrights and you want to know a little bit more about the ins and outs of these laws. Here is some basic information to help you navigate the tricky atmosphere of intellectual property and the legalities that surround it.

Where Do You Register Your Copyright?

One thing you need to know about copyrights and getting through the application process is that it can take a few years or more to get the entire process completed. For those individuals who choose to enter the application process through the internet they may be able to expect this wait to be cut in half. The easiest place to go for registering and completing the copyright process is the internet. By simply performing a search you can land at several sites that will walk you through the process of copyrights. You are best to choose a site that is backed by a government identity.

What Can Your Copyright Protect?

There are all sorts of things people choose to get copyrighted and many different protective aspects of this type of law. Certainly people will get their written works copyrighted as well as their songs. There are some chefs who copyright ingredient lists and recipes. Original theatric performances, architecture and photography are just some of the pieces that can protected by this piece of law.

Is A Copyright Expensive?

You probably have someone who’s been telling you this protection is very expensive if you’re curious about the cost of copyrighting something. Perhaps you’ve also heard someone tell you about how pricey copyright lawyers are. In all honesty getting an initial copyright is not expensive. Where cost can start to become a factor isn’t with the creation and registration of a copyright but with the steps needed to actually protect your property once an infraction has occurred. If you find that someone has broken copyright law you will have to start spending money in court fees but not on the copyright itself.

There is a fee when you decide to register this copyright. This is a thirty dollar fee that officially puts your copyrighted song, lyrics, poem or story down on record. For many people this is well worth the protection it offers.

How Long Will A Copyright Last?

Generally speaking for something that was created after 1978, the copyright lasts as long as the life of the person who created it plus seventy years. For works that were created prior to 1978 there is a bit more of a range on the length and duration of the copyright. For more information on that further detailed reading of The Copyright Act of the United States is necessary. Interestingly enough, works that were published anonymously and pseudonymously are also offered a minimal of 95 years protection under copyright law. While this may be some basic knowledge to get you started, there is a vast and detailed world of information on copyrights.