Html Copyright Symbol

If you’re like many people you are looking for a way to get your internet business up and running. It’s an attractive proposition- a business world with minimal overhead. E-commerce is a different business world altogether. In our daily interactions not many companies will worry about protecting company policies and various other bits of information with a copyright. In the world of the internet it’s a bit of a different manner altogether. All words, forms and handouts that are visible should be protected against easily being used on another site.

It may not be an area you need a lot of convincing in. Perhaps you’ve already been attaching the symbol to all your printed documents and items that you are currently typing up. But what about getting that symbol to show up on your website to show the world that you have copyrighted work? At the outset this may appear extremely daunting but in actuality it is not. Here are a couple of simple methods for you to do this with either a mac or a pc.

How To Get The © On Your Site If You Have A PC

It is deceptively simple to get this symbol into your site, all you have to do is type © if you are using a pc. This coding will get the symbol to pop up wherever you need it.

How To Get The © When You Have An Apple

In order to get the © symbol to show up accordingly in html when you are using a Mac you will simply need to press option -2 and the symbol will appear in the document.

Why Use The Symbols:

Though the method of getting the symbol into your work is amazingly simple there will still be many people who don’t really want to use it or wonder why it may be necessary. You are going to want to protect your work from the info-looters that are roaming the internet. It may not seem like a lot of work for you to protect until you find you have to replace the content because it is found on another site. Protecting your work and announcing this by placing the date and symbol at the end of the work is a critical step to creating your business online presence.

You want people to know that you take pride in your work and that you wish to protect it from others taking off with it. Placing the symbol on your site will denote just this sentiment to the visitors that frequent your page. This will steer any looters away because they will see you take your work seriously. It will also work to win you more clientele because they too, see that you take your work seriously. They will also have a tendency to feel more protection and a higher level of trust for you when you are taking these steps to protect your business and the work you have put into it no matter what field you are in.